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Georgia Rattlesnake Watermelons

Pkt.(30 Seeds)   $2.99ea.
13534~SALAD GREEN  POSTER. Displays 36 varieties of seasonal salad greens with information about flavor and cooking instructions.  Black background (Measures 24" x 36")
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K10573 -Krona Asparagus Steamer
Krona's 3.5 Qt Asparagus/Vegetable Steamer/Cooker features heavy duty 18/10 stainless steel and Try-Ply Encapsulated base which allows for rapid and even heat conductivity and uniform heating. The vented tempered glass lid allows you to keep an eye on what's cooking without lifting the top.Includes heavy gauge stainless steel steamer rack. Ideal for asparagus, corn, artichoke, carrots and more!
90 Days.  Introduced in 1870.  Fruit is large (25 to 30lbs).  This cassic watermelon is dark green with light green "snakeskin" stripes.  Melons can grow to 2 feet long.  The flesh is bright pink,crisp and sweet.  The rind is tough, good for shipping.
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