Country Kitchenware
Country Kitchenware
10860 - Apple-Mate Parer, Slicer, and Corer
Works fast and easy. Fits to counters up to 1 3/4" thick. Capable of paring, coring, & slicing: paring only: or slicing and coring only.
$24.95 each
K15120~ Deluxe Cherry Pitter
The perfect kitchen tool for canning, freezing, baking, and dehydrating. Cherries are automatically fed into spring loaded plunger which pierces cherry and strips away the pit. Pit container clamps to countertop.
Clamps to any countertop 3/4" thick.
$19.95 each
French Fry Cutter
Has a suction base.  Includes two stainless stell cutter with 36 and 64 holes and an 8 segment fruit wedger. Efficiently slice uniformly thick or thin french fries with one simple move.  Fruit wedger easily cores and slices and without a mess.  Great for cutting vetetalbe batonns for party trays.  Suction base adheres securely to countertops and cutting boards.  Comfort grip handle.
$23.95 each
Apple Parer, Slicer and Corer
Deluxe Cherry Pitter
Onion Blossom Maker
Bean Frencher
Old Time Pocorn Popper
Flexible Dutting Boards
K15125-Bean Frencher
Heavy-duty construction with stainless steel cutting blades. This bean frencher clamps securely to any surface up to 1.25 inches thick. To operate, feed fresh green beans into the hopper. As you turn the crank, beans will be sliced into slender, french cut slices. Great for canning green beans french-style.

$21.95 each
K10573 -Krona Asparagus Steamer
Krona's 3.5 Qt Asparagus/Vegetable Steamer/Cooker features heavy duty 18/10 stainless steel and Try-Ply Encapsulated base which allows for rapid and even heat conductivity and uniform heating. The vented tempered glass lid allows you to keep an eye on what's cooking without lifting the top.Includes heavy gauge stainless steel steamer rack. Ideal for asparagus, corn, artichoke, carrots and more!
Krona Large 7.5 qt. vented saucepan.

This pan has those jumbo side handles that Krona owners love. You'll feel secure handling this pot. 18/10 stainless, dual spout for draining veggies and pastas.

K10581~ Old Time Popcorn Popper
For the true popcorn lover who wants perfect popcorn every time. This original Hand-Cranked Popping Machine pops up popcorn the way professionals do (like movie theatres). The unique hand-cranked stirring paddle coats each kernel evenly for great taste with less oil. The aluminum pan and stainless steel stirring system create high heat and prevent burning so every kernel pops up to 42 times its original size. Built in steam vents eliminate soggy popcorn - makes every bite light and crispy. Hardwood handles stay cool.
K10037- Cut and Slice Flexable Cutting Boards
3 pc Set.
11.5' X 15'.  Each mat is marked differantly to protect against cross-contamination.
K15143-Onion Blossom Maker
2 piece set includes Onion Slicing Guide and Core Remover.
Prepare beautiful and tasty onion blossoms, just like those found in your favorite resturants!
Also ideal to use with tomatoes! Includes easy to follow instruction booklet with a variety of recipes for deep frying, baking, roasting, barbecuing or microwave onion cooking.
Dishwasher safe.

K19251 - Glass Onion Keeper
Your cut onions will last longer when you store them in a container that allows them to breathe. That's where The Onion Keeper comes in. It's the right way to store cut onions. Just slip your leftover onion under the glass. It traps the odors so that your other foods don't smell and your onions will keep longer. The Onion Keeper will pay for itself in onions that you don't throw away.
Kitchen Drum Grater
Deluxe Pepper Mill
Corn Creamer
K10337~ Drum Grater
Grates hard cheeses fresh at your table. Heavy-duty, professional-gauge 18/10 stainless steel. Sharp, easy-care grating drum. Straightforward three-piece assembly. Dishwasher-safe.
K10773 ~ Deluxe Pepper Mill
Stainless steel and acrylic peppermill. This pepper mill has a brushed stainless steel grinding rod. 2.5 cm dia (1 in), 14 cm high (5 1/2 in). This peppermill fits comfortably in your hand and makes grinding pepper with one hand a breeze.
K10790 - Oil Mister
Non-aerosol stainless steel spray bottle for spraying olive oil, cooking oils, flavour-infused oils, vinegars, and water.
Fill the bottle half way, pump the cap several times to pressurize, then spray a fine mist.
K16529 ~ Squirrel Nutcracker
Easily crack almonds, pecans and walnuts. Heavy duty cast aluminum, formed like a handsome squirrel. Fun to use, cute on your table. 5½" tall.
K10592 ~ Small Food Mill
Stainless steel food mill mashes, rices, and strains -- great for sauces, purees, and baby food.
2-1/2 cup capacity. 
$5.95 each
K15402 ~ Corn Creamer
This stainless steel cutter easily strips the kernels from an ear of corn.

Stainless steel blade and body.
K15404 ~ Corn Cutter
This stainless steel cutter easily strips the kernels from an ear of corn.

Stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.

Size: 10½"L
K10517 - White Porcelain Ginger Grater
Need grated ginger, cheese or chocolate? Put this hand-held Grater to use! Because it's porcelain, you won't have to worry about it rusting, discoloring or absorbing the scents of whatever it is you're grating. A handy kitchen tool you'll use over and over again
Grip EZ 3 Peice Bowl Set
Grip EZ Batter Bowl
Popsicle Maker
Magnetic Lid Wand
Citrus Reamer
Canning Jar Lifter
Ice Cream Sandwich Maker
Mortar and Pestle
K10423 - Popsicle Maker
Easily whip up frozen treats at home with the Norpro Stainless Steel Lid Ice Pop Maker. Made of high-quality, durable plastic with a stainless steel top, this kitchen essential makes 10 frozen bars and comes with 24 wooden sticks. Use your own favorite juices, fruit, ice cream, pudding, yogurt and even applesauce to create customized snacks for your entire family. Dishwasher safe. Made in USA. 4Hx9Wx5D".
Grip EZ Bpwl
$12.95 each
K10696 ~ Mortar and Pestle
Herbs and spices are part of the joy of cooking and flavorful meals. By having the fine tools to create the right blends, like this mortar and pestle in white, you can infuse fresh ground flavors of basil, sage, tarragon, garlic, pepper and much more. You'll rely less on fats and oils and more on the season's harvest. Made of vitrified, ceramic, the ceramic pieces remain unstained. A satin-like finish on mortar allows a good grip and the contoured bowl is just the right shape for handling food. Even features a convenient pouring lip and extra high sides.
K11017 ~ Grip-EZ Batter Bowl

   * Handy for mixing, pouring batter for cakes, pancakes, and more.
   * Use to store batter in refrigerator.
   * Lightweight melamine bowl is large enough to use with electric hand mixer.
   * Non-slip bottom helps you steady the bowl during mixing.
   * Spout ensures easy pouring.
$15.95 each
$13.95 each
K11016- Grip- EZ Batter Bowl
   * Handy for mixing, pouring batter for cakes, pancakes, and more.
   * Use to store batter in refrigerator.
   * Lightweight melamine bowl is large enough to use with electric hand mixer.
   * Non-slip bottom helps you steady the bowl during mixing.
   * Spout ensures easy pouring
K11015 -Grip-EZ® 3-Piece Melamine Mixing Bowl Set
Melamine bowls resist most food stains. Lightweight, sturdy, and durable. Rubber gasket on the bottom of each bowl grips counters and tabletops. Perfect for mixing batters, marinades, and sauces. Includes 2-qt., 3-qt., and 4-qt. bowls. Bowls stack for easy storage. Dishwasher safe..
K10600 -Jar Lifter
Safely pull any sized jar from hot water.
Slip-resistant vinyl coating on chrome-plated steel, steel hinges, 8½"L.
K10606 - Canning Magnetic Lid Wand
* A must have for anyone embarking on a home canning project
* This wand lets you retrieve sterilized lids from boiling water safely and easily
* Plastic with magnetized tip
* Convenient loop for hanging storage
* Use it to pick up pins and paper clips, too
* 6-3/4" long
K10604 - Canning Rack. Canning rack holds 7 quart or pint jars. 
K15201 ~ Citrus Reamer
Quickly and easily extract juice from citrus fruits with this wood citrus reamer.
$3.95 each.
K15402 - Citrus Zester / Stripper
Keep this little zester close at hand to easily add flavor to all your favorite recipes—cakes, pies and cookies. Even soups, stews and vegetable dishes benefit from a little citrus zest. Five sharp little cutting holes glide across citrus peel leaving smoothly cut strands of zest in their wake. The design incorporates a stripper, a small, sharp cutting circle on the side of the zester. When pressed firmly into citrus rind, it cuts a picture-perfect, smooth-edged strip for the perfect garnish.
K10684 - Ice Cream Sandwich Maker
Everyone loves ice cream sandwiches.   We've always made ours the old-fashioned way—piling ice cream between square cookies.   Now we have a neat little tool for making professional-looking ice cream sandwiches.  It comes with a cookie cutter for making rectangular cookies.  You place a cookie in the tool, then the ice cream, and then another cookie for the top.  With a plunger action, it presses the cookies and ice cream together in a nice neat sandwich.
Be sure and pick up several of these for gifts.  Get your Ice Cream Sandwich Makers at a great introductory price today.
$9.95 each
K15103 - Apple Corer with Plunger.
Not your ordinary apple corer! Simply push the stainless steel tube through the center of the apple; then insert the plunger to remove the entire core. 6" long
$4.95 each
Apple Corer
K15110 - Fruit Wedger
Stainless steel blades, generous sized handles, and heavy duty construction make this hand held gadget perfect for adults (and children) preparing fruit snacks.  Great for apples, pears, etc.  Makes 12 wedges.
$7.95 each
K15208 - Dual Citrus Juicer
Effortlessly juice with solid stainless steel blades.  Juice lemons and limes with stainless steel blades one way, flip it over for oranges and grapefruits.  Every drop runs into the glass holder below.
$19.95 each
Rosette  Timbali Set
K10813 - Salad Spinner and Food Keeper
4 qt/3.8L High quality, durable construction. Wash and dry in one easy step with a smooth rotation mechanism. Removable colander suitable for hot and cold straining. Base is suitable as a mixing bowl and storage container.
K10816 - Self Drain Salad Spinner
Washes and dries in one easy step.  Unique flow-though operation.  Water enters top and drains out bottom.  Ideal for lettuce, vegetables, herbs and fruit.
K13286 - Rosette / Timbale Set
Rosette cookies, a Scandinavian Tradition and Delicacy
Set includes:
6 Rosette/timbale molds with handle.
Recipes and instructions included.
Approximate diameter of each cookie form 2 1/2"
K10583 - Grip EZ Chopper/Scraper
So comfortable in the hand, like all Grip EZ items. Features a measuring guide on heavy duty stainless steel. A versatile kitchen basic. Made by Norpro.

   * Soft, comfortable nonslip grip fits perfectly in any hand.
   * Ideal for chopping garlic, fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and nuts.
   * Perfect for scraping and scooping up chopped ingredients and dividing.
$10.95 each
K11048 - Pasta Drying Rack
Perfect for drying fresh pasta.

11049 ~ Pasta Machine
•  Cuts 1.5mm vermicelli or 6mm fettuccine
•  Hand wash
•  5Hx7Wx7L"
Get fresh pasta taste by making it from scratch with this amazing Norpro Pasta Machine. The machine is easy to use and makes delicious homemade pasta every time. Cuts 1.5mm vermicelli or 6mm fettuccine to near perfection. Includes recipes and instructions. Hand wash.
K13085 - Ravioli / Rolling Pin.
Traditional hardwood kitchen tool is 21" long.

K10965 - BBQ Grill Pan
Heavy duty, nonstick porcelain emamel grill pan lets you grill vegetable, steaks seafood and fish.
K10968 - Stir Fry Grill Pan
Use the Barbecue Stir Fry Pan to get that flame kissed flavor on your veggies and other items that might fall through the grill.
K10132 - Triple Fish Grill
Grill fish over a barbecue or camp fire. Extended handle makes it easy to use over an open heat source. Keep fish from breaking apart while grilling. 11" x 11"
K10962 - Duel BBQ Grill Pan
With this dual pan, you can grill all your favorite foods at once. The heavy-duty, porcelain enamel surface is divided - cook steaks, chicken and fish on the solid, ridged side and shellfish and vegetables on the perforated side. It's nonstick so food won't stick and clean up is a breeze.
K10130 - Six Hamburger Grill
6 Pocket Hamburger Basket with soft Santoprene handle. Non-stick. Also works well with other foods that are not just hamburgers. Lets you turn all of you foods at once. Approximately 22 in. long.
K10094 ~ Compost Keeper
This attractive satin-finish stainless steel compost keeper looks good enough to keep on your kitchen counter so it is handy for temporarily disposing of compostible items, like egg shells, fruit and vegetable peels and greens, and coffee grinds. The tight fitting lid holds a charcoal filter which keeps odors from escaping for up to six months. A thick and sturdy stainless steel handle lets you securely carry the compost container when transferring the contents to your garden composter.
1 gallon/3.75 litre capacity.

Stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.

K15129 - Carrot Curler
   * Just like sharpening a pencil, you can have ribbons of carrots for garnishing
   * Use also with squash, zucchini and parsnips
   * Dishwasher safe, 4-3/4" long

K10142 ~ The warm cherry glow of this bowl will intensify the drama of fresh salad greens glistening with a light shower of dressing. When not being used to serve salad it's a great vessel for fruit or mixed nuts in the shell.
K12031 ~ Microwave Rice Cooker
Make perfect rice in your microwave. Includes rice cooker, cover, measuring cup and spoon. Dishwasher safe. Made of high heat resisant plastic, lid locks on the sides.
Porcelain Ramekins
K10257~ Porcelain Ramekins - 6pc

   * Nor Pro Porcelain Ramekins 6pc set.
   * 1/2 cup ~ Set of 6
   * Bake effortlessly in these individual pans.
   * use as small candy dish
   * dishwasher safe

Pie Bird
Oven Splatter Guard
Checkerboard Cake Pan
Lattice Pie Top Cutter
Heart Pie Top Cutter
K13262 ~ Porcelain Pie Bird
K13953 ~ Nonstick Oven Splatter Guard:
Be sure your pies and cakes don't spill over onto your oven surface using this nonstick Oven Splatter Guard. Features a 3-1/2" hole in the middle to allow the heat through so your food bakes thoroughly, and measures 12-in. across to hold most pie, tart, quiche or round cake pans. Slightly fluted edge angles up so any batter or fillings won't spill off. Nonstick surface is a breeze to clean.
K13816 ~ Non-Stick Checkerboard Cake Pan
Makes one- to three-layer cakes or a multibatter tiered cake. Set includes a plastic batter divider
K13258 ~ 10" Lattice Pie Top Cutter
This cutter makes a perfect lattice for your pie top crust. Plastic."
K13257 ~ 10" Heart Pie Top Cutter
So easy to make a perfect pie crust top, just press to cut out hearts with this 10" diameter plastic cutter. Use the heart shaped pieces to decorate a second pie!
K13259 ~ 10" Apple Pie Top Cutter
The easy way to cut a pie crust for the perfect pie. Plastic,

K13661 ~ 6 PC Cream Horn Cases

   * Size: set of 6
   * External Dimensions: 4.5 in. L × 1.5 in. W
   * Materials: tin

K13660 ~ 4 PC Cannoli Forms
Product Features

   * Create ethnic treats at home.
   * Cannolis are easy to make.
   * Tinplated steel forms.
   * 5-1/2" x 3/4" dia.
   * Recipe included

Aunt Martha's Garden
731 E Valley Rd
Willits CA 95490
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K10199 ~ Powdered Sugar Shaker

Keep it handy and you'll use it often.  It's so much handier than flour dusting loaves with a strainer--easier, more control, and within reach.

   * Dust your artisan loaves with flour just before baking.  
   * Sprinkle potato flour on those potato or oat loaves or rolls.

You'll find other uses for this handy shaker:

   * Sprinkle powdered sugar on French Toast.
   * Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on toast or hot cereal for breakfast.
   * Dust a cake or dessert with powdered sugar.
   * Sprinkle vanilla sugar in your favorite hot beverage. 

It has a stainless steel screen and a one-cup capacity.
K13264 ~ Pie Divider
The Norpro 7 Piece Cake and Pie Divider creates seven equal shares of the pie (or cake). Mark the pie before it cooks, and the extra deep perforations actually help the steam to escape.
K03943 ~ 8 PC Linking Loaf Pans
Bake mini loaves of yeast breads, quick breads, cakes, muffins, and fruit cakes. Small loaves are perfect for gift giving or serving with party platters. Product Features: High quality nonstick surface for easy release and cleaning. Pan makes 8, 4/10 cm x 2.5/6 cm x 1.25/3 cm loaves. Linked pans make moving from counter to oven a snap.
Magnetic Knife Bar
Stainless Steel Nut/Herb Chopper.
Multi Grater
Butter Keeper
Garlic Pot
Ordor Remover
Garlic Slicer
6 Sided Stainless Grater
Deluxe Mandoline
K11158 ~Large Garlic Baker
Made from terra cotta with an attractive garlic-shaped handle. Base is 5-1/2 inches wide. Lid includes steam vent. Will accommodate several medium to large heads of garlic. Oven- and microwave-safe.
$9.95 each
K11060 - Garlic slicer/grater.
Slice or shred tool. Stainless Steel blade with plastic holder. Place garlic cloves in holder and put griped plunger over the cloves. Glide holder for slicing on one side or flip the holder over to the other side to shred. Many prefer this tool over the traditional garlic press. Can also be used for nuts, radishes, chocolate bits, ginger, etc. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe.
Grip EZ Garlic Press
K10284 -Butter keeper:
Forget storing that creamy butter in a Ziploc bag tossed to the side of your fridge. If you want fresh and spreadable butter, use this ceramic butter keeper, which allows you to safely store your butter out of the refrigerator so it stays soft and won’t tear up your bread when it comes to slathering it on. To use, fill the base of the butter keeper with ¼-cup of cold water, pack the softened butter into the cup of the lid and invert onto the base of the butter keeper. The water creates a complete seal around the cup to keep the butter fresh. To ensure constant freshness, store away from sunlight or heat. Replace the water in the base of the butter keeper every three days with fresh cold water. Handwash with mild dish soap.
K10174 Garlic Press
Grip EZ -Crushes garlic with one easy press. Soft Santoprene handles.
K11097 - Odor Remover.  Just rub your hands on it. Odor Remover (removes odor of onion, garlic and fish), Stainless Steel
K10019 -Magnetic Knife Bar
Grab the knife you need the first time: This sleek bar of brushed stainless steel has a powerful magnet that grips blades firmly for safe, convenient, high-visibility storage. Frees up precious counter space. Comes with mounting hardware. 15" or 20"W x 2"D x 1"H. Imported.

K10305 - Deluxe Mandoline
Multiple blades
Lifetime Guarantee.
# Create professional-looking salads, vegetables & garnish.
# Slice, dice, grate, shred, julienne, crinkle cut and more.
# Mandoline makes it fast and easy. Perfect cuts every time.
# Adjustable blades for thick, medium or razor-thin slicing.
# Sharp blade's perfect for tomatoes, makes quick work of tough carrots.
# Easily adjust slicing thickness from 0mm to 10mm.
# Safety guard.
# Diswasher safe.
K10352 - Multi Grater
2.5 cups, 20 0z/0.6L Shreds/grates cheese and vegetables, separates egg whites from yolk and juices fruits. Features dry, liquid, metric and ounce measures with pour spout.

K10344 - Six-Sided Stainless Steel Grater
You'll be reaching for this quality kitchen grater time and time again! This six-sided grater make quick work of shredding cheeses, prepping vegetables and grating, ginger, nutmeg, citrus zests and more. The six sides are composed of coarse and medium shredders, fine and extra-fine graters, a slicer and a julienne blade. Plus, you'll avoid mess with the removable slid- out bottom, which catches food and makes it simple to transfer to a saucepan, bowl or plate. Staineless Steel.
K10322 - Spice, Cheese and Chocolate Grater.
Grater with 3 different surfaces
Grates cheese, chocolate, ginger, nutmeg, garlic, or citrus fruits
Heavy-duty stainless-steel
Removable lid attaches to bottom to catch grated foods
K10844 - Stainless Steel Nut/Herb Chopper
Effortlessly chop herbs, nuts and vegetables with this stainless steel nut and herb chopper. Stainless steel blades rotate 60 degrees after each time the knob is depressed, evenly chopping items.

K10250 - Garlic Pot
Blue and White Ceramic Garlic Pot 5/12.5cm tall

$9.95 each
This grater is ideal for ginger, garlic, nutmeg, citrus and chocolate. It is made of sturdy 18/10 stainless steel and offers  convenient storage for nutmeg. Measures approx. 6" in length.
Unique three function design, perfect for all in one grating and dispensing. Squeezable dispenser on end of catcher allows for spreading directly from the unit. Great for cheese, choclolates, spices, and more.
Pie Recipes
Country Cookbooks
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Black Plum Tomatoes
Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Country Kitchenware
Garden Books
All gardeners know better than other gardeners.
-  Chinese Proverb
No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth,
no culture comparable to that of the garden ...
But though an old man, I am but a young gardener.
-   Thomas Jefferson, Garden Book, 1811
K10743 ~ White Porcelain Salt Cellar
Store sea salt or fleur de sel in an easy-to-reach location by the stove in this traditional European-style ceramic salt pig. Includes a ceramic spoon.
Freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Vitrified and non-porous, it will not craze, crack, discolour, or absorb unwanted flavors.
$ 10.95
K10805 ~ Salad Dressing Stirrer
This clever salad-dressing mixer comes with six recipes. Ingredient measurements are conveniently printed on the side of the bottle. To use, simply fill to the appropriate lines, add herbs and other ingredients, mix, and serve.
$ 11.95
K10143 ~ Salad Hands
Pure natural wood.
· Extremely comfortable hand held design.
· Double-handed control increases efficiency.
· Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.
· Ideal for use with salads, grilled veggies, etc.
· Easy to clean.
$ 7.95
K11915 - Tommy Toothpicker
Automatic Toothpick Dispenser
Includes 20 Toothpicks.  A fun yet practical addition to your entertainment occasions!  Push down Tommy's head and a toothpick will appear in his beak.  Toothpick compartment in front of Tommy.
$ 7.95
K16523 ~ Heavy-Duty Nut Cracker
Ridged interior holds nut, crab or lobster securely while cracking.  Spring action Hinge.
$ 10.95 each
K17402 ~ Cast Iron Wall Mount Bottle Opener
Made of cast iron, they look just like the old ones! Each measures 3 1/8" X 2 1/2" and there two holes for mounting. These make great decor for a Den or Gameroom. Also great stocking stuffers for Christmas!
$ 5.95 each
Cast Iron Bottle Opener
K16024 ~ Cobalt Blue Glass Rolling Pin
Reproduction of early 1900's glass rolling pin was filled with cold water to provide weight and prevent dough from sticking. Clear. Length: 13-3/4" Diameter: 2-3/4" Bubbles and imperfections to imitate age.
Blue Glass Rolling Pin
K16023 ~ Pink Glass Rolling Pin
Reproduction of early 1900's glass rolling pin was filled with cold water to provide weight and prevent dough from sticking. Clear. Length: 13-3/4" Diameter: 2-3/4" Bubbles and imperfections to imitate age.
K16132 ~ Colbalt Blue Salt and Pepper Shakers
Set of 2 shakers, 8 oz capacity, 4-1/2" high, 2-3/8 square,Stainless steel screw-on lid,
Salt & Pepper imprinted in glass,. Washing by hand recommended.