1441 ~ Big Max
(cucurbit  maxima)  120 Days.  Huge pumpkins grow 100 lbs or more.  Fruits are nearly round, with slightly redish orange skin.  Good for pies and canning.  Great for giant Jack-O-Lanterns. Package of 25 seeds. $2.99
1475 ~ Cinderella 
This French heirloom is classically beautiful, oblate, and deeply ribbed.  It has a striking orange, red color when fully ripe.  These pumpkins have very good flavored flesh, and are perfect for carving into Jack O Lanterns. Package of 25 seeds.  $2.99
1450 ~ Sugar Pie Pumpkins
105  Days.  The ideal pumpkin for making pies.  With its small, 5-8 pound weight, they make cute Jack O Lanterns.  The bright orange skin is good for carving, while the flesh has excellent flavor.  Package of 25 seeds. $2.99 .
1444 ~ Jack O Lanterns 
(cucurbita pepo) 110 Days. A pumpkin bred specifically for carving Jack-O-Lanterns but also very good for pumkin pies too.  A deep orange colored 18-24lb pumpkin growing from very long vines. The thick stems make for sturdy tops for Jack O'Lanterns. 110 days to maturity.  Package of 25 seeds. $2.99 

1446 ~  Green Striped Cushaw
The Cushaw Green Striped Pumpkin has a creamy ground color with green stripes.  According to some cooks, if you want to make the absolute finest pumpkin pie you've ever eaten, you use Cushaw Pumpkins opposed to those more traditionally used! Package of 25 seeds. $2.99 

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