1480 ~ BUTTERCUP SQUASH. (Cucurbita maxima) 90-100 Days.  Fruits of this original strain are very small and flattened or drumlike, weighing 3-5 pounds.  Skin is dull green, thick and hard.  Flesh is thick, dry, and golden yellow, sweet flavor, excellent keeper.
45 Days. (Cucurbita pepo) This bush grows many greenish-grey, 2 1/2, globe shaped fruit.  A terrific choice for stuffing! A very unique and tasty home garden variety! 
1485 ~ BLACK ZUCCHINI.  (Cucurbita pepo) 44- 64 Days.  Introduced in 1931.  Compact spiny everbearing bush plant, with dard greenish-black skinned fruits that are long, straight and cylindrical.  Crisp fine textured flesh.  More vigorous than other zucchinis.
1483~ EBONY ACORN. 85 Days.  This variety is believed to have been passed down from the Arikara Indians.  Small fruits, about 2 inches long, are shallow ridged and rounded.  The flesh is yellow and very sweet.  They can be used as summer or winter squash.
(Cucurbita pepo) 80 Days.  Introduced in 1913.  Similar to a heart shaped swuash the Arikara tribe grew.  Dark orange flesh.  Is sweet, dry and thick.  Vines grow 6-8 feet long.  Hard to beat for baking.
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Pkg. of  25 Seeds  $2.99  each.
Planting, Harvesting, and Saving Squash Seeds

All our seeds are open-pollinated and non-hybrid
Blue gray green slightly ridged fruits, hard coarsely warted shell, neck at both ends, 15-20 in long x 9-12 in. diameter, 15-30 lbs., thick dry fine grained yellow orange flesh, very sweet, very productive, great keeper, for pies baking boiling or freezing.

Nice Italian Cocozelle type. Lacy green and tan pattern. Eat at 5 inches long or pick the baby squash before the blossom opens and cook the two together.
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Unusual and delicious. Becoming very popular for use in salads or with butter or cheese sauces. A real conversation piece because of its spaghetti-like appearance. Enjoy baked , steamed, boiled, or microwaved.
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Heirloom Squash Seeds

1479 ~ ANNA SWARTZ HUBBARD(C. maxima)
90-100 Days. Family heirloom given to Anna Swartz by a friend in the 1950s. The  flesh is the color of sweet potatoes. Easy to grow. Extremely hard-skinned fruits weigh 5-8 pounds, excellent keeper.
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This heirloom variety was first introduced in 1893. The smooth, velvety skin makes it attractive as well as tasty! The Pink Banana Squash is a popular heirloom winter squash variety that was extremely popular among American Pioneer families in the 19th century. Vine type squash plants produce a large abundance (up to 30 squash per plant) that are 18 - 24 inches in length and of a cylindrical "banana" shape with a pinkish colored skin. Each Banana Squash will reach at least 10 pounds in weight (Pink Banana Squash weighing up to 75 pounds have been recorded). Features an excellent, dry, firm yellow-orange colored sweet flesh. This winter squash variety excells for pies, baking and canning. Matures in 100 to 115 days.
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Easy-to-grow bush squash, heirloom variety, favorite for over 150 years; sweet buttery flavor and firm texture; produces an abundance of rich, golden yellow, white-fleshed fruit; also freezes well.
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56-85 DaysC. pepo) Introduced in 1890 by W. Atlee Burpee of Philadelphia and named for their Fordhook trial grounds at Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The fruit on this vine resembles acorns.   Rare
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